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Valve type

Dn (diameter)

Pn (pressure)

Т°С (temperature)

Data sheets of pressure-reducing desuperheating station, of stop valves, of regulating valves


Destignation Dn, mm Pn, MPa T, С° Kv100, m3/h Fmax, cm2 Torque, N•m D, mm d, mm d1, mm L, mm L1, mm L2, mm H, mm Actuator type, mm*** Weight, kg
879-65-Ра-04 65 23,5 250 5,6 2 5000 76 58 14 180 705 65 366 МЭО 630/25-0,25У-92К 40**

body – steel 12Х1МФ (GOST 8479);

yoke – steel 25 (GOST 1050);

valve spindle – steel 25Х2М1Ф (GOST 5632) with catalytic nitrogenization;

gate – steel 12Х1МФ (GOST 20072), steel 12Х18Н10Т (GOST 5632) with building-up welding 04Х19Н9С2.

Throttle control valves are manufactured in accordance with Technical Specification ТУ 3742-002-79315310-2007.

Throttle control valves 879-65-Ра-04 Picture

Throttle control valves are used for regulating steam and mounting on steamlines of steam generators, pressure-reducing desuperheating stations, fast-response pressure-reducing and desuperheating stations and auxiliary steamlines of high and extra-high parameters. Connection to pipeline – by welding. Operation – automatic control.

Throttle control valves 879-65-Ра-04 Picture

* working pressure, Рр ** without electric actuator *** ref. electric drives section

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