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Altai Machine-Building Company

The factory was organized in 2005 in the city of Barnaul. For a few years due to investments and new construction, the Company has build fully-functional production facilities including numerous machines, welding shop equipped with robotic unit, catalytic nitrogenization shop and heat treatment shop, casting shop, factory laboratory including NDT laboratory, physical test laboratory, hydrotest shop.

Today, the Company has a powerful Engineering Department that actively cooperates with the leading design and research institutes of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries apart from developing proper exclusive works.

At present, JSC Altai Machine-Building Company manufactures almost the entire product line of pipeline elements of medium (PN under 10.0 MPa, Тmax under 450°C) and high parameters (Pp under 37.3 MPa, Тmax under 560°C) for thermal power plants.

We manufacture and deliver to our customers:

  • Stop and regulating valves of small diameter, Dn 6-65;
  • Stop and regulating valves of medium and large diameter, Dn 65-700,
    including regulators and desuperheating stations;
  • Safety and pulse valves;
  • Check valves;
  • Steam traps;
  • Filters;
  • Built-in and pedestal electric drives;
  • Pressure-reducing desuperheating stations of medium and high parameters
    (pressure and temperature of direct steam under 14.0 MPa and 570°C).
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