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We have developed a revolutionary regulating disk valve of AMK.LRV type that is an efficient solution to production challenges arising in the course of
operation of energy systems

LRV regulating disk valves are designed and manufactured for custom-made operational conditions and parameters. According to the customer’s specification and depending on thermohydraulic calculations, the required flow characteristics are set, and, if needed, a multi-stage pressure reduction system is used (that allows for reduction of wear and tear of the valve spool, its noise and vibration); discharge is provided for significant pressure drops; anti-cavitation plugs and auxiliary throttling devices are provided for regulators of hot-water pipelines.

Advantaged of amk.LRV disk valves:

Increase in service life of the gland seal due to absence of translational movement of the valve spindle

Stable flow characteristics during the entire inter-repair cycle without significant tear and wear of the valve spool-valve seat pair (allows for use of the valves in the automated control systems)

If the operation mode changes, flow characteristics of the valve may also be changed by means of replacement of the removable seat

High serviceability: the design provides for removable valve seat and spool that may be easily replaced on-site without valve cut-out

No vibration of valve spool

No jams of regulator

Precise profiling of flow area for specific operating conditions

Smooth regulation

No uncontrolled leaks

amk.LRV Disk Valves. Body types

  • amk.LRV Disk Valve. Coaxial

  • amk.LRV Disk Valve. Out of line

  • amk.LRV Disk Valve. Angle

  • amk.LRV Disk Valve. Angle

Top priorities of development of new valve models:

  • Extension of lifetime of the gate valve elements (spindle, spool, disk, seat) by use of plasma building-up welding of the working surfaces. E.g., wire 20Х13 is conventionally used for building-up welding of the sealing surfaces of the valve disk and seat (manufactured by OJSC Sibenergomash). But we use electrodes ЦН-6Л, and such metal is 3 times erosion-resistant than wire 20Х13

  • Transition from the casted bodies to the welded bodies that are different in enhanced metal structure, absence of pockets and shells, less metal consumption

  • Development of full-flow bodies for stop valves

  • Enhanced spraying of cooling water due to steam power; increased number of injectors; nozzles with load-dependent alternating flow characteristics

  • Enhanced ergonomics

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