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Pn (pressure)

Т°С (temperature)

Data sheets of pressure-reducing desuperheating station, of stop valves, of regulating valves


Destignation Dn, mm Pn, MPa T, С° Kvy, m3/h F, cm2 Torque, N•m D1, mm D2, mm L, mm H, mm A, mm Actuator type*** Weight, kg
6с-12-1-1Э 50 6,3 425 42 18 35 50 50 350 387 134 МЭОФ 250/25-0,25У-99К 61,3**

body – steel 20ГСЛ (GOST 108.961.003);

cover – steel 20 (GOST 1050);

valve seat, bonnet, spindle – steel 20 (GOST 1050) with catalytic nitrogenization.

Regulating rotary valves are manufactured in accordance with Technical Specification 3742-002-79315310-2007.

Regulating Rotary Valve 6с-12-1-1Э| Pictures

Rotary valves are used for regulating pressure or discharge of working medium. Flow of working medium is regulated by changing flow area by means of rotating valve spindle against the valve seat. These valves are not used as stop valves. Connection to pipeline – by welding. Operation – automatic control by means of remote or built-in electric drive.

Regulating Rotary Valve 6с-12-1-1Э| Pictures

** without electric actuator

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