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Valve type

Data sheets of pressure-reducing desuperheating station, of stop valves, of regulating valves


Dn, mm
Pn, MPa
Т, С°
Pp, MPa
Weight, kg
8с-4-1 20 Рр4,5 450 3,6-4,5 6

body – steel 20 (GOST 1050);

valve spindle – steel 20Х13 (GOST 5949);

valve seat – 20Х13 (GOST (6949)..

Safety and pulse valves are manufactured in accordance with Technical Specification 3742-002-79315310-2007.

Safety valve is operated by pulse valve. These valves represent a pulse-safety device used to prevent from steam overpressure in pipelines of pressure-reducing desuperheating stations, pressure-reducing stations, deaerators and other facilities of the thermal power plant. Connection to pipeline: 7с-6 – by flange, 7с-8 – by welding (or by flange at the customer’s option), pulse valve – by welding.

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