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Dn (diameter)

Pn (pressure)

Т°С (temperature)

Data sheets of pressure-reducing desuperheating station, of stop valves, of regulating valves


Destignation Dn, mm Pn, MPa T, С° Kv100, m3/h F, cm2 Torque, N•m*** D, mm d, mm H, mm Weight, kg
12с-2-5 400 2,5 425 1965 390 630 426 401 830 152

Body – steel 20 (ТУ 14-3Р-55);

valve spindle – steel 20Х13 (GOST 5632) with catalytic nitrogenization;

valve disk – steel 20К (GOST 5520).

Butterfly valves are manufactured in accordance with Technical Specification 3742-002-79315310-2007.

Butterfly valve 12с-2-5| picture

Butterfly valves are used for regulating steam flow in case of pressure drop of more than 0.25 MPa. Flow of working medium is regulated by changing flow area between the body and swing gate during its rotation. Butterfly valves are not used as stop valves. Connection to pipeline – by welding. Operation – automatic control by means of remote or built-in electric drive.

Butterfly valve 12с-2-5| picture

* working pressure, Рр

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