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Valve type

Dn (diameter)

Pn (pressure)

Т°С (temperature)

Data sheets of pressure-reducing desuperheating station, of stop valves, of regulating valves

Advanced valves

Eltctric drive Type A

These electric drives are used for control of the stop and regulating pipeline valves of the thermal power stations. In-built electric drives are designed for remote control of the valves, if the in-built electric drive may not be used.

Torque, N•м
Rotation speed, rot/min
Power rate, kW
Weight, kg
АМК-ЕА-KU-80 80 18 0,37 19,1
АМК-ЕА-KЕ-80 80 18 0,37 21,6
АМК-ЕА-KW-80 80 18 0,37 21,6

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